Don Yute-Dancehall Reggae/Pop

don-yute-aboutThe versatile Dancehall visionary’s hit singles “Gonna Burn” and “Make it Hot” featuring Amerika is from “Richer than Money”, a CD on his own independent and successful  Golden Child Music Group label. Fresh back from the homeland of Jamaica Don Yute has left fans in  Jamaica mesmerized. Don Yute is creating major buzz in Jamaica RIGHT NOW. He is in constant  rotation on all the power reporting radio stations in Jamaica.

It only took two weeks for Don Yute, the  multi-talented handsome baritone smooth voice of MC extraordinaire, songwriter, and producer, to  capture the coveted Number One position on the Online Radio Breakout Chart with thousands of airplay  spins! The Online Radio Breakout Chart is based on actual verified spins from monitored online stations  in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and broadcast worldwide. The chart is sent to leading magazines, websites,  label executives and talent scouts throughout the music industry.

Signed to Capitol Records 2005 the popular Port Antonio-born, Kingston-raised Don Yute describes his unique singing and deejay style as WorldHop - “a rhythm with a Dancehall flow but delivered like a  rapper without losing the trueness of where I’m from.” Like his counterpart Kool Herc the innovator for  Hip-Hop (Rap Music) who is Jamaican. Kool Herc originally created and brought the genre known to  the World as Hip-Hop (Rap Music) to the shores of North America.

Don Yute’s notable collaborations  (“Who is Dat Girl” and “Stalk a Sensimelia”) with Grammy Award winning producer Jim Jonsin (Lil  Wayne “Lollipop”) (Eminem “Space Bound”), major artists, including Akon, Pitbull, Jermaine  Dupree, Ying Yang Twins, and Lil Jon have resulted in several gold- and platinum selling awards for  the WorldHop innovator.

Don Yute’s Reggae collaborations include superstar Sean Paul, a former schoolmate who credits Don Yute as his mentor, as well as Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, and Wayne Wonder, which resulted in the wildly popular song and video, “Excess Amount.” Richer than Money  offers a variety of songs, including Dancehall, Conscious, Dance, and Soca, and features special guests  Akon, Pitbull, and new female artist Amerika.

Loyal fans from around the world will be excited to learn  that the entertaining and lyrical Don Yute’s future plans include tours and shows to promote the hit  singles “Make it Hot” and “Gonna Burn”, from the Richer than Money CD, and his meaningful  message that “life is more valuable than money.”

The CD (Album) “Richer than Money” will be released digitally for the third and last quarter. “Richer than Money CD will be released physically when Golden Child Music Group inks their distribution deal in negotiations presently.

Don Yute will embark on a Fall headlining College Tour entitled Richer than Money Unplugged Tour, of the North and Southeast regions in support of his highly anticipated new full  length Album (CD) “Richer than Money” and his Blazin’ Hot New Singles “I Don’t Care” Doll Avant  Featuring Don Yute, “Gonna Burn” and “Make it Hot” Featuring Amerika. Watch "Gonna Burn" Video Here!